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Langendorf – Vehicle manufacturing since 1890

Establishment of a blacksmith's shop with shoeing and vehicle construction by the great-grandfather of the still active co-worker Heinz Bernd Langendorf.

Expansion of the activities, beginning the manufacturing of coach cars with wooden wheels and iron fittings and vehicles for agriculture.

The second generation Bernhard Langendorf learns the blacksmith's trade from his father.

Takeover of the blacksmith’s shop by Bernhard Langendorf. Besides the usual forging Bernhard Langendorf continued the vehicle manufacturing.

Birth of Heinrich Langendorf. As a representative of the third generation, he follows the footsteps of his father. He learns the blacksmith's trade and passes the master craftsman’s examination after the war.

Takeover of his father's business by Heinrich Langendorf. From then on the company was called: Fahrzeugbau Bernhard Langendorf and Sohn. The period of reconstruction in Germany and the economic upturn led to a huge demand for vehicles. Soon the existing capacities were not sufficient, so that Heinrich Langendorf built a workshop of 30 x 30 m and enlarged the office premises.

With the assistance of his father, three journeymen and an apprentice, he began producing pneumatic-tired agricultural trailers. The first 16 to tipping trailers especially designed for use on public roads at speeds up to 80 km/h were completed. The company has grown to now 24 employees.

Heinrich Langendorf developed a low-bed trailer the swing axles of which swung out automatically. The invention of the so-called swing-out low-bed trailer had been patented in Germany and abroad. With these patents, Heinrich Langendorf had his breakthrough to become the distinguished vehicle manufacturer.

Establishment of the first manufacturing facilities and offices at Bahnhofstrasse 115, the current premises. In the early 1960s Langendorf already had 60 employees and since then became more and more the specialist for tipping, low bed and special vehicles.

Enlargement of the production halls and of the design office. Development of the special semi-trailer with loading crane and grab, the "Spezi". The production area was completed by the construction of a modern paint shop on newly acquired premises.

Start of production of the Inloader for flat glass transportation, one of the technical milestones of Langendorf. With this vehicle Langendorf is a leader in the world market still today.

the first true concrete Inloader leaves the factory.

characterized by grand scale expansions and new buildings extending extended the premises to 47,000 m².

Late 1990s,
change of generation in the Langendorf company. The management was given over to Heinz Bernd Langendorf.

Foundation of the Langendorf Trading GmbH, which focuses exclusively on the used vehicle business and rental.

a realignment of Langendorf took place. Establishment of the Langendorf Service GmbH  which runs the service for Langendorf vehicles and also for all other brands at the sites Waltrop and Potsdam.

Establishment of a work in Medias/Romania.

Opening of the new building of the Langendorf Service GmbH. 3,000 m² of hall space, 24 hall doors, 30 repair stations are now available.

Langendorf is one of the top vehicle manufacturers in Germany, more than ever sets priorities in the field of tipping trailers and is the market and technology leader in the field of Inloaders. Langendorf supplies nearly all European markets and also is active on all continents particularly with the approved Inloader technology.

End of 2012
Announcement for insolvency in self-administration by Langendorf GmbH. 

Early 2013
Opening of insolvency in self-administration.

October 2013
Acquisition of Langendorf by Dr. Klaus Strautmann, securing 180 jobs, debt guarantee of the county NRW to secure loans, investment in new buildings to improve the flow production.

Middle 2014
The evaluation of the first half of the year shows that the company is profitable again. The number of employees has grown to 235. The restructuring and investment in employees and the infrastructure of the company show that Langendorf will continue successfully and profitably in all markets worldwide.

May 2017
Langendorf becomes part of the internationally successful Wielton Group. The stock-listet company is located in Wieluń / Poland. The staff in Germany, still managed by Dr. Klaus P. Strautmann, will further developed.