Langendorf’s revised low-bed trailer

As of spring, Langendorf will expand its low-bed range with the revised TÜ 40 trailer

After intensive development work, Langendorf will be able to include the new low loader trailer in its product range again from spring this year. In addition to the already well-known semi-low loaders, the programme is rounded off with the TÜ 30 and the TÜ 40. The revised TÜ 40 is a universal 4-axle transport vehicle that is ideally suited for transporting medium-heavy construction equipment.

Langendorf has already included the TÜ 30 in its series production for more than a year and, of course, it is also equipped with the configuration options typical for Langendorf. For example, the loading ramps can be assembled in mechanical, hydraulic, steel and aluminium versions to meet individual customer requirements. Thanks to the width of the ramps of 700 mm and the possibility to move the ramps sideways, this low loaders is equally suitable for the transport of rollers up to graders. With regard to the suspension, a choice can be made between mechanical and air suspension.

With the new design of the TÜ 40, Langendorf once again shows its strengths for the transport of construction machinery. The TÜ 40 has a loading length of 6,500 mm and a height of only 880 mm when loaded. The 150 mm deep and 690 mm wide excavator body predestine the TÜ 40 as a perfect carrier vehicle for excavators and construction vehicles. Of course, the body can also be equipped with a removable cover if desired. The telescopic load bed extension allows the load bed of 2,540 mm to be widened by 230 mm on each side, thus enabling the transport of vehicles with excess width.

The floor of all Langendorf low loader trailers is made of 40 mm thick hardwood, which, in addition to its good looks, provides a resistant and solid base for the heavy vehicles. As an alternative to the hardwood design, rubber-metal pads are also possible in the lane and on the ramps. Langendorf can also supply a suitable towing fork specific to the towing machine. Extendable warning signs with marker lights and all-round LED lighting complete this universally applicable low loader trailer.

Langendorf is currently working on adding the trailer range to its popular digital showroom, where a spectacular 3D view of the vehicles is presented around the clock. A large part of the Langendorf programme can already be viewed there and can be found under the domain

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