Langendorf GmbH sets course for expansion

Dynamic development at traditional trailer manufacturer

The challenges that companies are currently facing range from the consequences of a pandemic to the war in Ukraine and the resulting shortage of materials - and unfortunately, there is still no improvement in sight. Despite these challenges, Langendorf is sticking to the expansion course of the business group. The goal is to become more independent of the volatile internal loader business by differentiating the product portfolio.

In 2017, Langendorf and Polish vehicle manufacturer Wielton announced that 80% of Langendorf's company shares would be sold to Wielton. Since then, a lot has happened at the Waltrop-based company. "In the product range, some new products and innovations could be launched" explains the technical manager, Ralf Bockelmann. For example, a revised glass inloader of the type SGL-18 was introduced in 2018. In addition, a completely new vehicle concept was developed with the Transloader, which reduces empty runs in the inloader transport business. In terms of tipper trailers, a new generation of agricultural tippers was developed from 8.25m to 10.5m to fully serve the needs of customers. In addition, almost all components were put to the test in order to optimize weight and continue to set standards in quality. Important components, such as the chassis, are now cathodic dip coated as standard. In addition, a completely revised low-loader program for light to medium-weight construction vehicles has been developed, which Langendorf has launched on the market under the name "smart-line". The latest development, which Langendorf will present at the IAA 2022, is a vehicle concept that particularly meets the needs of the times. It is a double-deck vehicle based on an inloader chassis. By omitting a continuous axle tube and the resulting second loading level, up to 66% more cargo can be transported, saving important resources. Although Langendorf has been producing this type of vehicle for many years, it has been used exclusively for hub-to-hub logistics. The newly presented two-axle City-Flexliner has a positively steered independent wheel suspension and is thus predestined for urban use, for example, for the delivery of retail stores. For this, the Waltrop-based company even received the "Trailer Innovation Award 2023" in the concept category.

In addition to the product innovations, a lot has happened internally at Langendorf. "We are getting younger and younger in many key positions, which makes us much more dynamic" emphasizes Christoph Pastucha, commercial director, who has been with the company for over fifteen years. Furthermore, two new plants are currently being planned. "We have been fighting for over eight years in our home town Waltrop to be allowed to build a modern and green vehicle factory" is how Dr. Klaus-Peter Strautmann describes the efforts. However, he says, it is expected that the Waltrop city council will approve the development plan in September. The plant in Poland, which was completed in 2020 and mainly produces low-bed trailers for the smart-line program and special chassis, is already reaching the limits of its capacity, so the decision was taken in March 2022 to start planning for a larger plant. The parent company has already expressed interest in the existing production facility in Wielun. In Waltrop, the focus will continue to be on the production of semitrailer dumpers, special low-loaders and Innenladers. However, the course is currently being set to increase the share Press Release of flexliners, i.e. double-deck vehicles, in order to be able to position itself more broadly and independently.

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