Latest development in steel tipper

Under 5.8 t: new and lightweight tipping semi-trailer

With the three-axle semi-trailer SKS-HS 24, Langendorf has added a particularly light tipper to its range. For the first time on a Langendorf tipper, the light side walls are folded several times for greater stability.

Weighing only about 5,700 kg, the new Langendorf three-axle semi-trailer SKS-HS 24-7,500 mm is a real lightweight solution. The tipper, which is build for the transport of bulk goods, is designed for a permissible total weight of 39 t and offers up to 24.3 m³ loading volume. In order to achieve this weight saving without sacrificing the usual stability, Langendorf uses 4 mm thick high-strength fine-grained steel Hardox HB 450 on the front wall, the side walls and the rear wall flap of the steel half-shell body. To ensure that the side walls do not bulge even under higher loads, Langendorf has triple edged, these particularly stressed areas lengthwise.

As usual, the lightweight SKS-HS 24-7,500 mm is equipped with the quality standards typical for Langendorf - from the rear tipping device with a large cylinder tipping angle of 52° to the four-point bearing of the tipping press. The operator's station is also bolted to the stable chassis and thus easily accessible for the operator at all times. In addition, the chassis, which is welded from high-quality fine-grained steel, is designed for a particularly long service life thanks to the cathodic dip painting.

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