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Floatliner - Inloader for the transport of glass


The most reliable way of transporting floatglass on five continents: Langendorf proves by means of the Floatliner, that transporting glass is more than a transport between two points. Equipped with the hydraulic load fixing system „Hydro-Push“ the Floatliner enables a fast and safe fixation of float glass packets. Since nearly 40 years we have been developing and improving the Floatliner in cooperation with leading glass works all over the world continuously. This results in more safety for the staff and for the loading and takes care for economical and ecological way of transport. The great variety of floatliner types are characterized by individual transport tasks: reinforced executions for the export, bodies with platforms, floatliners transported by rail for combined traffic or extended executions for floatglass from XS up to XXL. We have got the suitable Floatliner for you!

There are special types for a variety of transport products, for example the Paper-Innenlader for the transport of large paper rolls in an upright position up to a diameter of 1.500 mm and at a height of 3.500 mm. This means a lot of advantages for the customer, for example, storage and supply is optimized, faster and trouble-free for these sensitive paper rolls. Loading and unloading of a Paper-Innenlader with ten paper rolls takes not longer than 7 minutes, fixation of loading included!

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