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SOLID-Kastenmulde Alu

SOLID Aluminium tipping box


Tipping semitrailers with aluminium box are used for different operational use than steel tippers. Own developments in the chassis and in the box, special aluminium alloys for high abrasion resistance and a chassis showing its strength on the road and offroad. These are the facts for a long durability in Langendorf quality.

The range of use of our aluminium tipping trailers can be found within the road construction, transport of bulk goods and in the agriculture, where e.g. cereals, corn, beets or potatoes are transported in large capacity tipping boxes. Especially for the agriculture the agro tipping trailer has been developed on the basis of the contractors’ requirements.

The attributes of the classic Langendorf tipping semitrailers are also united in the different types of the Langendorf compact tipping semitrailer. Equipped with aluminium tipping box these vehicles with a perm. Total weight of 38 tons in connection with a two axle tractor are a real alternative to the  four axle vehicle.