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SOLID-Halbschalenmulde Aluminium

SOLID Alu half-pipe


Since the 2016 Bauma, Langendorf has restarted offering aluminum semi-trailers on a robust steel chassis again. With the SKA-HS 24-7.5 exhibited in Munich, a long tradition of aluminum halfpipe tippers is being continued at Langendorf.

The shown vehicle - a tipper with rear-closing tailgate - has a volume of approx. 24 m³ with a inner height of 1,500 mm. In the exposed version, the aluminum halfpipe weighs about 4,975 kg on a steel chassis.
The headboard is made of 6 mm high-strength aluminum.
The side walls consists of continuous 7 mm high-strength aluminum. The floor is continuous 10 mm thick and made of wear resistant HK34 grade aluminum. Internal and external steps allows comfortable access to the tipper.

Aluminum halfpipe tippers can be - like our steel halfpipes - provided with individual cutomized material thicknesses. The Langendorf construction allows the use of different thicknesses for floor and side walls.
Langendorf tippers are being assembled on a jig and are robot welded. Together with our customers we find - depending on usage - the optimum compromise between weight and durability.

Our own developments in chassis and tipper construction using special aluminum alloys for the highest abrasion resistance and its strong steel chassis shows its strengths both on- and off road. These are the factors for longevity and Langendorf quality.

Of course it is possible to adjust the semi-trailer to your needs on various points. There are many options available for both the chassis and the tipper.