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SOLID Agro Tipper


Agro tipping trailer


  • Available in lengths 9,000/10,500/12,000 mm

Tipping box information

  •     Aluminum tipping box : up to 50.7 m3
  •     9,000 X 2,440 X 2,300 mm
  •     Empty weight : starting at around 5,800 kg
  •     Payload: approx. 29,200 kg
  •     Fifth wheel height : 1,220 mm loaden

Standard equipment

  •     Cranked chassis to reduce the overall height at max. volume
  •     Proven Snap-Lock profiles in weight-optimized and wider design
  •     Weight-optimized underbody
  •     Straight back wall with double self-aligning bearing
  •     Revised grain slide
  •     Waterproof roller tarpaulin
  •     pallet width


  •     Pneumatic back wall locking
  •     Tool boxes laterally instead of side protection
  •     Plug in grain outlet with outlet bag
  •     Tool box suitable for grain outlet funnel
  •     Pneumatic floor vibrator
  •     Combined double leaf door, 1/3 - 2/3 partition with center grain slide and hinged cross bow
  •     Reinforced floor in the rear area
  •     Tipping box heights variable
  •     Extendable ladder at the back for entering the tipping box
  •     Compressed air supply at the rear for cleaning the grain slider
  •     Welded side wall profiles
  •     Spotlight at the front, inside of the front wall