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SOLID-ISOXX – Kastenmulde-Alu

SOLID ISOXX - the insulated aluminium box-tipper



Since 01.01.2015 on only tipper with a complete insulation of the box (front, side, rear wall and floor) may be put into circulation in Germany: Langendorf offers you a sensible solution – our ISOXX aluminium box meets with the actual regulations.

You decide whether you want to use the complete insulation including the floor for your new vehicle or if you like to profit from the advantage in payload without floor insulation up to the year 2016.
Langendorf already provides the simple and perfectly designed solution for subsequent modification of the ISOXX aluminium box.

Measuring the temperature

The ISOXX tipping box is prepared for using sensor technology for measuring the temperature. It  is integrated in the design and can be mounted subsequently in a fast and simple way.
Your advantages: You are free to choose if you want to use the complete measuring system now or to mount it later.
Save the best for last: the Langendorf ISOXX aluminium box with complete thermal separation of the inner from the outer wall is available with a dead weight of less than 4,800 kg! You gain high investment security for your company already today.

Long-term conservation of value

Of course we offer solutions for modifying older vehicles. Your professional salesman is quite willing to provide personal advice for you. With ISOXX from Langendorf you are able to decide already today upon the right vehicle and the best service.

Future-proof, strong residual value, easy to maintain! Low dead weight even with four-side insulation. Insulation of the floor can be equipped subsequently in a simple way and without any problems. ISOXX – the leading brand for the transport of Asphalt – only from Langendorf.

Your product advantage:

  • The ISOXX aluminium box meets the German regulations valid since 2015
  • complete insulation including floor* (*as option)
  • preliminary setup of the sensor technology for measuring the temperature
  • available with a dead weight from less than 4,800 kg on
  • solutions for modification of older vehicles

See our Flyer about the Alu-Mulde ISOXX here.