Why two Flexliners can replace three conventional semitrailers.

The ingenious concept of the inner loading system makes it possible:

The Langendorf Flexliner revolutionizes the transport industry with its unique chassis and spatial concept. Thanks to the innovative independent edge suspension, we achieve a loading height of over 3,700 mm. The double-deck trailer divides this

loading height into two separate decks, which constitutes the heart of the Flexliner! Therefore, the Flexliner is the superior choice compared to the Gigaliner, articulated truck, or central-axle trailer.

The direct comparison: More Euro pallets, more roll containers, less road space needed.

The advantages of the Flexliner summarized:

Thanks to a comprehensive consideration of all aspects, you can save up to 33% in total costs. Toll fees are reduced, transport costs lowered, and the truck loading space is maximized.

You save CO2 and contribute to sustainability
You reduce your transportation costs
You utilize the maximum loading capacity
You reduce your fuel consumption and, consequently, fuel costs
You save on truck tolls
You respond efficiently to the shortage of truck drivers

Whether city or long-distance - the right variant for every application:

Two fundamental variants of the Flexliner allow you to leverage the compelling advantages of the Flexliner inner loading system for either city or long-distance applications.

The 2-axle City-Flexliner, with its minimal road space requirement, is well-suited for delivering to stores and markets in the city. It replaces, in terms of loading volume, an articulated truck nearly twice its length. The 2-axle City-Flexliner is suitable for light cargo with a payload of up to approximately 20 tons. Loading and unloading can be done at any ramp or ground level.

The 3-axle Long-Range-Flexliner is ideal for long-distance transportation. As a more efficient alternative to the Gigaliner, it allows for hub-to-hub transports with up to 22 tons of payload without any restrictions imposed by road regulations. Various loading lift options enable ramp-independent loading and unloading. Choose the Flexliner variant that best suits your transport needs.


The Flexliner harnesses potentials that would otherwise go untapped.

The areas marked in red indicate the unused cargo space that you are paying dearly for on every trip. The Flexliner's independent wheel suspension ensures the creation of new loading areas and spaces. This allows you to tap into transport potential that is 66% higher than that of a conventional semitrailer. This is not only economically but also ecologically sensible.

"Big in the City!"

Abundant loading volume and cargo space with minimal road usage: This provides clear competitive advantages, especially in city logistics! A prime example: the City-Flexliner.

The City-Flexliner: Master of city logistics.
Maximum loading volume for city logistics.
Agility meets innovation.

New possibilities for your transports

The Langendorf Flexliner sets new standards in the transport industry by being suitable not only for dry freight but also for specialized applications such as fresh service, automotive, hospital logistics, or linen rental. From food transportation to industrial and automotive logistics, the Flexliner is as versatile as it is economically viable in various transport and application areas.

Food transportation
Textile transport
Parcel transport
Furniture transport
Retail logistics
Industrial logistics
Automotive logistics
Trade logistics

The Flexliner has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of your industry

The Langendorf Flexliner meets the transport requirements of carriers of all kinds: whether a haulage company, logistics firm, or truck transporter - with a Langendorf Flexliner, you benefit from the optimal economic and ecological utilization of transport potentials. The Langendorf Flexliner, as an innovative double-deck inner loader, sets new standards for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the transport industry. 

The ideal solution for freight forwarders
Logistics companies benefit from the flexibility
Truck transports with the Flexliner
Flexliner for freight forwarders and transport companies
Flexliner: Efficient pallet transport
Hub logistics with the Flexliner
Flexliner for various transport requirements
Flexliner: An investment in the future

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