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The Flexliner - The ingenious inside loader concept

The Innenlader is a special form of semi-trailer due to its unique chassis. The independent wheel suspension specially developed by Langendorf means that a continuous axle tube can be dispensed with. This creates a fundamentally new space concept with which you can transport significantly more cargo per tour. The double-deck Innenlader uses the loading height of up to 3,700 mm with two separate loading decks that can be divided with a fixed or hydraulically movable intermediate floor.

This is exactly the principle of the innovative Langendorf Flexliner!


Plenty of space on two levels

With its own lift independent in all locations.

Ecological advantages:

  • Less strain on the infrastructure
  • Sustainable reduction of traffic volume
  • Significant reduction of pollutant emissions

Economic advantages:

  • Significant savings on your fuel costs
  • Reduction of your toll charges
  • More efficient use of your personnel
  • Significant reduction in your unit transport costs

The original from Langendorf

The Flexliner can be used with a standard tractor unit and is not bound to any legal restrictions on driver or vehicle. The flexibility of the Flexliner allows it to be used in many different sectors, such as textile, parcel / letter, drugstore, food / non-food markets.

Taking into account all aspects - fuel, tolls, depreciation, drivers, insurance, taxes, maintenance - the use of Flexliners provides an overall saving of up to 33%.


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