Langendorf - Innovation with tradition

The name Langendorf has been existing in vehicle construction for more than 130 years and is one of the most renowned producers of commercial vehicles. We are both honored and committed to this tradition.

Our product range includes commercial vehicles in the segments of tipper semi-trailers with aluminum or steel bodies, tipper bodies, glass and concrete internal loaders, double-deck internal loaders, semi-low loaders, low-loader trailers and special vehicles.

At our headquarters in Waltrop, Germany, we are constantly breaking new ground to drive innovation and implement improvements in detail. To this purpose, we use the latest technology and intelligent designed production and service processes.

For us, the customer is the focus of every consideration. Thus, our primary goal is to understand his daily demands from practice, to optimize them and to convert them into technical solutions. We offer the highest quality standards, flexibility, and many years of experience as well as innovative force in vehicle construction.


Our vehicles enjoy a high reputation. And rightly so. Their particular strengths lie in their long lifetime, lasting value and convenient handling. Using state-of-the-art 3D CAD tools, our engineers design and develop new solutions and practical manufacturing methods to optimize the Langendorf product range.

High-quality and competitive production is carried out in our production halls by qualified professionals. Innovations and detail improvements are integrated into series production, and custom solutions are handled quickly and seamlessly through flexible production workflows.

We are always present at the leading exhibitions in Germany and internationally and are eager to give you valuable insights into our technical novelties and innovations there.

The increasing international focus is reflected in newly established customer contacts worldwide, expanded sales markets, closed license agreements and the building of foreign representatives.

Interview with Managing Director Dr. Strautmann:

"We create value for the region and the transport sector."

Quality in the finest detail

Through continuous quality control and extreme care in processing, Langendorf offers "high tech on wheels". Quality from the beginning to the end is the key to success - this applies to our customers all over the world. Users of our vehicles have been able to rely on this for more than 100 years. Intensive quality controls, a deep quality consciousness of our employees as well as advanced techniques and methods of quality management have been practiced by us for many years and have been improved continuously. "Top products are the result of a great organization". Satisfied customers like to come back. We achieve this by providing a high class product.

Quality management at Langendorf is a comprehensive system.
It means in simple terms:

• Efficient and transparent processes
• motivated employees
• partnership and fair relationship with our suppliers
• social responsibility
• high environmental and resource awareness
• continuous improvement of our products and our organization
• high safety standards

Therefore, the certification according to DIN EN 9001:2015 is a logical consequence for us. Even internationally our quality has been recognized. Convince yourself.

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