8,250 kg

Empty weight


3,700 mm

Heigth on floor


< 9 Min.

Unloading time

Up to

10,250 mm

Loading length


The Flatliner not only stands for the fast and safe transport of finished components such as concrete and wooden elements, new application possibilities for the economical transport of large loads are constantly being added. Thanks to our consistent further development, the Flatliner can distinguish itself through an optimal loading and unloading concept, low risk of damage to your cargo and many other advantages.

Load securing system
VDI 2700 certified


Two lashing rings on the platform

rear door with hydraulic lock

Storage boxes in the side wall

Axle restraint for first and third axle


aluminium dropsides

More lashing rings on the platform


A ladder to the pedestal

Storage box in the pedestal

Pallet locking device

Hydraulic tensioning for load securing (can be operated from the ground)

Combi rear door

power-pack with batteries

Flat pallets

A system that saves costs

  • Fast loading and unloading in just a few minutes - only one person is required for this purpose
  • Loading and unloading without a crane and without waiting times
  • Take up to four empty pallets on the return journey
  • Your load starts 300 mm above ground and can be up to 10,250 mm long without overhang when the door is closed.

In Action

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