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The 3-axis long-range Flexliner: Ideal for hub-to-hub logistics

The 3-axle Flexliner is the efficient alternative to a Gigaliner. With a payload of approx. 22 t and no restrictions due to StVO, the long-range Flexliner is ideal for hub-to-hub transport.

With three axles

For more cargo

Choose between the following assembly variants for the 3-axis Flexliner:

  • Available as a long version with a total towing length of up to 16,500 mm including a superstructure for dry or fresh service
  • There is a choice of different vertical lift variants to be able to load and unload independently of the loading ramp. The lifts have a lifting capacity of between 2.5 and 4 tonnes
  • The Long-Range Flexliner can also be supplied with a self-sufficient power supply


Vertical lift with 3.80 m loading area

Own battery supply and charger

Locking bars for load securing

LED lighting, both outside and in the Flexliner

Radio remote control

Individual painting and lettering

Code-XL load securing­certificate


Various load securing options

Various floor finishes selectable

Cooler unit for charging up to +2˚ C

Andere Liftkonzepte möglich

Hydraulically movable intermediate floor

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