Up to

65 t

Total weight



Saddle heights

Up to

12.300 mm

Loading bed


490 mm

Loading height


Low loader trailer with detachable gooseneck - extendable

Ideal for the transport
of large machines and plants


Adjustable wheelbase with intermediate table

Pneumatic locking

Two- to four-axle possible

In-house hydraulic forced steering system incl. Radio-controlled power steering and automatic toe-in function

VarioLash lashing concept

Different drop deck ramps selectable


Loading ramps

Dropped lane in the low bed

Tool and storage boxes

Pluggable starting wedge

Retractable intermediate shelf in telescoped state



Low loader trailer with detachable gooseneck - extendable

Variable and light for transport such as forestry machines. Large and heavy crushing or screening plants can be perfectly transported with this.

In Action

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